Mission Statement

     ​"To serve and strengthen youth and families". It is the mission of Youth and Family Services to serve youth (ages 5+), adults and families through a continuum of counseling, educational, residential and support services. Our Purpose is to help our clients function successfully personally, in relationships with others, and with others, and within the home, school, work and other social environments. This is done through interventions designed to strengthen the emotional, psychological and behavioral health of those we serve.

​     Within our philosophy, "To serve" implies a true interest and concern for the needs of others and a commitment to remain consumer focused in all of our policies and practices. "To strengthen" implies a commitment to give one's very best in meeting those needs through quality services and skilled interventions, proven effective in achieving the desired results.

​     It is to be the policy and practice of all Y&FS staff to communicate the agency mission through all appropriate written and verbal communications such as the agency brochure, newsletter, newspaper articles, public talks and even on logo's place on staff shirts.

​     Y&FS welcomes every person seeking help and provides integrated services and supports in a manner that demonstrates hospitality, respect and offers choices. Every door is a "Right Door"" in seeking services. Y&FS strives to consistently provide recovery oriented, culturally competent, trauma informed and co-occurring capable services.

Stigma Reduction

​     Staff and Management of Y&FS are well aware that some consumers feel awkward about participating in any type of mental health or substance abuse program because of the potential stigma attached. Some believe that reliance on counseling type services suggest that "one can't take care of its own" or that someone must be a bad parent, trouble-maker or even "crazy". It is the practice of Y&FS to attempt to reduce such stigmatization through both the client's right to confidentiality and through community education that demystifies our services and helps to normalize the support needed by all families at one time or another.

​     Staff of Y&FS actively participates on a number of community boards or committees that help foster and understanding and trust between the agency and the community. Our presence in area schools allow the door for a request for services when the need arises. All agency staff is encouraged to remain alert for stigma reduction opportunities and to represent the agency in such a way as to help consumers or potential consumers to feel comfortable utilizing our services and to educate the public with a better understanding of behavioral health issues.

​Consumer Focus

​     In order for the management and board of Y&FS to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of services and programs it is imperative that input is obtained from consumers on an ongoing basis. This input is collected through a variety of methods, each of which should be evaluated annually to make sure the data needed is obtained. Y&FS provides for the protection of clients/consumers when client/consumer generated data is utilized in agency research. No information will be gathered without client consent. Methods of collecting consumer input include:

​          1] A suggestion box located in the waiting area of our main office with suggestion cards conveniently located nearby. These cards give consumers the opportunity to either recognize a staff member for a job well done or offer a suggestion as to how we might improve a component of our services.  

          2] Customer satisfaction surveys issued to all clients coming in for services during one full week of each quarter, as well as at the conclusion of every group offered.  

​          3] Follow-up survey mailed to the consumer with a stamped pre-addressed envelope included.